But what’s wrong with me? This is probably the most common question those of us with health issues ask ourselves, however, it’s not the best question we could be asking.

Disease…a new perspective that changes things completely

We’ve all heard the idea that our thoughts control our experiences and if you haven’t, I’d love to invite you to do some reading on this amazing approach to life. A great place to start is by reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

I was introduced to this way of thinking in my 30s and it’s been such a lovely journey of creating my own experience I can’t begin to tell you. Living your life through the practice the art of conscious creation keeps you present to what you’re thinking and creating every day.

Sometimes I’m really good at it and well, sometimes we just need to keep practicing! Isn’t this the case with just about every aspect of our lives?

When it comes to our physical health, though, our culture has been brought up to think in other ways when it comes to disease and health issues. We ‘tend’ to look outside of ourselves for the answers instead of looking at what we’re thinking, doing, creating from within.

Now of course there are a zillion and one physical reasons why we may get sick or come down with something a ‘regular’ alopathic* doctor can classify as a disease, but the truth is, how we look at our own health issues, as well as the health issues of others, has a tremendous influence on how quickly those health issues are resolved and how we handle our lives during the healing process.

A different perspective of a personal nature

Years ago, about 12 or so, I took an antibiotic (called Cipro…should be called ‘will screw up your body for life’ but it’s not) for a recurring bladder infection. This was something I wouldn’t normally have done but I was visiting my mother and forgot to take the herbs which would clear up a bladder infection in a couple of days. Boy, how I regret that choice.

Within two weeks of taking this antibiotic, the bottoms of my feet got really tender and started to hurt. I couldn’t walk over a crumb barefoot without it feeling like a huge boulder. It was the damnedest thing! I went to three doctors and no one would believe me when I said it was the antibiotic.

Sidebar: I was the picture of health before this issue, aside from the occasional bladder infection and a slight cold every few years so I was freaking out a bit on the inside, wondering what the heck was wrong.

This went on for several months before I finally discovered, online, that I was correct in my original self-diagnosis. Cipro, and that whole family of antibiotics, causes terrible health issues in LOTS of people. If you want to read more, start with www.survivingcipro.com and go from there.

It took me years to really figure out how to handle the situation…with hours of reading and research and seeing different alternative medicine practicioners but I have to say that the two most effective therapies I used were hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments and meditation.

But I digress…

Along the way to getting better (and it’s been a long journey as you’ll see), I had a huge ah-ha one day while reading a recounting of a woman who was struggling with Lymes (because doctors just don’t really know what anything is I’m convinced).

What this woman had discovered for herself is that there is a huge shift when you go from ‘what’s wrong with me’ to ‘what’s happening in my body’.

When I read this, my brain and life shifted on its axis and I’ve never been able to look at illness the same since. When my body (not ME but the container I experience life through) experiences physical or mental symptoms, I ask it what’s happening, what it needs, question what I’m thinking, look at my current interpretations of what’s going on in my life.

The cool thing is that often (not always), I get some pretty instant answers and those answers help me tweak what I’m doing, eating, etc. to help the symptoms go away.

Sometimes, the sheer acknowledgement eases the symptom or the symptom just stops. It’s the most amazing shift I have ever experienced.

I can literally pause, take a deep breath, look inside and ask a few quick questions (not always in word form) and within second, shift the physical experience.

So, my invitation to you is, while you are using the Root Cause Tracker to locate external triggers and causes to your health issues, start looking inward with as much energy and intensity as you are spending looking externally.

If you haven’t tried meditation, start.

Try on the idea that there’s nothing wrong…your container is just reacting to a stimulus, whether it be inside or outside.

Realize that your body WANTS nothing more than to be healthy and be in homeostasis. It’s what it’s designed to do.

And above all else, remember what my dear old mother always said, “This too shall pass.”