Some health problems are easy enough to diagnose, though most symptom apps on the market aren’t designed to help diagnose.

That sliver in your thumb is probably why your thumb hurts. But everyone suffers from aches and pains, stretches of low energy and bouts of frazzled nerves, that seem completely unconnected to any obvious cause. And most of us know what it’s like to be stuck with those symptoms and the mystery of their origins.

A revolutionary new app, Root Cause Tracker, changes all that by correlating lifestyle choices with health symptoms, providing users an unprecedented window on what ails them. Through a simple, flexible interface, the app tracks personal habits including diet, exercise, and sleep, along with a wide range of health symptoms. It then identifies relationships between habits and health, and dynamically adjusts those relationships over time to give a complete picture of how lifestyle choices affect each user’s health.

White the app comes with robust lists of lifestyle categories and symptom areas, the app is completely customizable which makes it easy to make the app fit your lifestyle instead of trying to mold yourself to the app’s design.

Root Cause Tracker is built on several powerful premises including…your bodies generally know what it’s doing, and most nagging ailments represent your responses to attacks on your health. Fevers often indicate that we are fighting off infections; a vast range of symptoms follow the same logic.

The app’s foundational premise is that “There is nothing wrong with your body.” It’s simply doing what it’s supposed to…protect you from things.

root cause symptom appThe six other premises are:

  1. You are your own best health advocate.
  2. Alternative Medicine usually has better answers.
  3. Looking at your food and lifestyle are always the first step in solving any health crises.
  4. We have to be willing to be our own health detective.
  5. Having a strong support system is critical.
  6. Our mental and physical states affect one another.

The challenge with any health issue lies in correlating our lifestyle habits with our health symptoms, taking all six premises into consideration. That’s where Root Cause Tracker comes in.

DoctorPatient Knows Best

We know better than anyone how we feel and what ails us. We know better than anyone what we eat, how much exercise we get, and how we sleep. Root Cause Tracker users know better than anyone how those two realms affect each other, and how to eliminate the causes of chronic ailments because the app helps them track the two areas to help find correlations.

Let’s face it…if you’ve been to a doctor, any doctor, with an ongoing issue, they normally suggest that you start writing down what you’re doing to help you find patterns, i.e., when I eat ‘this’ I feel “that way.” The bottom line, however, is that very few patients are very compliant with this suggestion. Why don’t we do this is we want to feel better so badly? Well, until Root Cause Tracker, there simply wasn’t an easy way to do this!

Traditional doctors and alternative-health practitioners tend to agree that healing starts with the patient, not with the cure: a curious, optimistic, motivated patient is more likely to respond to stick to a protocol or treatment plan than one who thinks of herself as the passive recipient of someone else’s best guesses.

Root Cause Tracker puts patients back at the center of their own treatment, honoring medical wisdom that’s at least as old as Hippocrates: the first steps toward solving any health crisis aren’t drugs or surgery, but gentler and more personal interventions such as diet and lifestyle changes.

Those first steps are sometimes not enough. When traditional medical treatment is necessary, Root Cause Tracker’s Doctor Interface shares the full benefits of its dynamic correlation system in an easy-to-read format that supports quick, accurate, effective diagnoses.

It Takes a Village

Along with a clear view of how our habits affect our health, a caring support system can make a world of difference to people making their way back to full health. That’s why Root Cause Tracker includes robust support for social-media interaction, including a closed Facebook page where users can find support whenever they need it most.

Time-Tested Wisdom in an Ultramodern App

Root Cause Tracker comes with a wide range of default, ready-to-track categories, making it easy to use immediately after installation. Can’t find the category or symptom you’re experiencing? No problem!The app is fully customizable so that you can make it track any area of your life you might feel is the issue.

But that’s just the start. Root Cause Tracker’s powerful association engine lets users add and delete categories whenever they choose, making it a completely customizable tool that’s built for the long haul. And speaking of the long haul, free lifetime updates mean that as Root Cause Tracker grows, no one in its community is left behind.

The app’s database-driven architecture stores user data securely offline, making Root Cause Tracker available anywhere, even if a user’s phone is lost, damaged, or replaced.

With all of the confusing information in the medical industry and the mysterious symptoms happening nowadays, the release of Root Cause Tracker couldn’t be any better.

Wanna be your own health care detective? Download Root Cause Tracker today and give it a try!