If you’ve been using Root Cause Tracker for any period of time now, you’ve, no doubt, played around with different, and the most convenient, ways of setting up Categories, Sub-categories and Items as well as Symptom Types and Symptoms for yourself so that you can track things quickly and find things easily.

After all, one of our main goals is to provide a health symptom app that is easy to use and customize!

symptom listSimple Idea for Tracking a Short List of Items or Symptoms

Let’s say you have six health symptoms that you want to track and they fall in four different Symptom Types. Theoretically, the way it is set up now, you’d have to click Your Symptoms, scroll or search for the Symptom Type in the Search bar, click on the type and then click to select and log your symptom. This works just fine, however, let’s say there was a faster way if all you’re wanting to track is these six symptoms.

Do this:

  1. Make a list of the symptoms you want to track (1-10 is probably a good amount)
  2. Click on All Symptoms in the Start up Screen or on the bottom of the app
  3. Heart one of the default lists (see screen shot) to add your list of symptoms or click on New Symptom to add and name a new list for these symptoms
  4. Now, click on Your Symptoms
  5. Click on the default list you chose or the new list you made
  6. Use the + sign in the upper right to add your list of symptoms from #1 above.
  7. Now, when you’re ready to add a symptom, you simply click on this new Symptom Bag (so to speak) and click on any symptom you want without having to wander through several different Symptom Type lists.

symptom sets

Now, isn’t that super easy? We thought so, too!

While this idea probably works best for a group of Symptoms, you could utilize it for small lists of Items in Your Categories as well. For example, you could use it for five types of nuts you’re trying to nail down or six types of fruit you eat regularly but don’t know which one is causing your tongue to break out.

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

As we’ve said over and over, one of the best benefits of choosing Root Cause Tracker to find the root cause of your health issues and symptoms is how easy it is to customize. We hope this helps you think of even new ways to make the app work quick and easy for you!