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Root Cause Tracker Empowers Users to be Their Own Health Care Detectives

Whitefish, MT [June 1, 2019] – Most of us know that our daily lifestyle habits affect our health in a big way…what we eat, drink, do, where we go, what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. But when we develop unexplained symptoms, or an unexplained illness, a few questions on a clinic’s form rarely pinpoints the ways in which our choices too often contribute to the specific health problem we’re experiencing. Root Cause Tracker, a new smart phone app, available on both iPhone and Android platforms, changes all that.

The app allows users to easily keep track of an unlimited number of types lifestyle choices ranging from diet and exercise to Wi-Fi exposure, sleep habits and hormone use. The app is completely customizable so no more trying to make a tracking app fit…users just set up the Category and Symptom sections according to the areas you want to track, add your personalized items and symptoms and start logging. The app comes with a expansive set of default Categories, Items and Symptoms to help get users started.

When users have entered enough information in the system, the app goes to work finding connections between these two streams of data (lifestyle choices and symptoms), dynamically and over time, giving users a never-before-possible view of the relationships between their everyday decisions and their health issues.

The app’s driving principle, explains its creator Elisabeth Donati, is that “no one knows your body and how it feel like you do.”

“I got the idea for Root Cause Tracker after years of trying to figure out what caused my perfect health to spiral downward in 2006. I developed peripheral neuropathy and other health issues after taking a round of Cipro for a bladder infection,” she explains. “I knew instinctively that my symptoms were triggered by the antibiotic.” “What I struggled with was why sometimes my body hurt and sometimes it didn’t. I’ve spent the past thirteen years asking myself, What did I do? What did I eat? What did I expose myself to? NOW what is going on?”

Elisabeth explains. “After learning that the medical industry labeled the pain I was experiencing peripheral neuropathy, my journey back to health became my number one priority. And since I believe there is always a solution, I spent years looking for answers so that I could heal and feel like my healthy self again.”

“When I finally sat down, at the urging of every health practitioner I went to, and systematically compared my lifestyle habits against my symptoms, things started to became clear. The patterns I uncovered pointed to food sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, mold exposure, hormone imbalances and more. I never imagined that some of my habits healthywould emerge as the culprits. I mean who would ever suspect that coconut could contribute to nerve pain? But it can!”

“Writing things down (which I despised), was the only thing that gave me this clear, complete view of the relationship between my lifestyle choices and my symptoms. It took me twelve years to do this painstaking, time-consuming work myself and often, during this process, I’d say out loud, “If there was just a journal or a system or an app that could track this stuff! I’d search every once in a while but never found anything that worked. And since I prefer being my ownhealth detective, I decided to create Root Cause Tracker so that others have an easy to use tool to do what took me hours in a journal.”

Beneath the app’s friendly interface lies a powerful associative engine that draws relationships between lifestyle and symptoms, and continually adjusts those relationships over time. Since the app allows users to create their own tracking categories, it adapts to each user over time. Free updates for life ensure that no user is left behind as Root Cause Tracker continues to add requested features and benefits based on user feedback.

In addition, the app’s Doctor Interface quickly creates unique data reports in an easy-to-read format that can quickly be emailed to any health practitioner for review. Root Cause Tracker’s Facebook Group provides a community of support, and the app’s database-centered architecture secures user data remotely, allowing users to easily migrate the app to a new phone, and to rest easy if their device is lost or damaged.

To learn more about how Root Cause Tracker empowers sufferers of chronic illness, please contact Elisabeth Donati at 805-637-7888 or


Root Cause Tracker puts users in charge of their own health by demonstrating the links between lifestyle choices and symptoms of illness.