Root Cause Tracker Quick Start Guide

Screen

  • Once you install the app, Register either by clicking New User? Sign Up at the bottom and or logging in with Facebook.
  • Once you register, confirm via email that you want to create an account.
  • After that, you can either Login using your email and password or Facebook.

Start-up Screen

Once you sign in successfully, you’ll be taken to the Startup Screen with 5 areas and various sub-area
  1. My Categories
    • All Categories
    • My Categories
      • Enable item search button
      • Search category/sub-category Bar
    • New Categories
      • Notes Icon (lower left)
      • Add Button (lower right)
    • Logo (back to Startup Screen)
    • Sync (upper right)
  2. My Symptoms
    • All Symptoms
    • My Symptoms
      • Add button
    • New Symptoms
    • Logo (back to Startup Screen)
    • Sync (upper right)
  3. My History
    • All
    • Items
    • Symptoms
    • Notes
    • Medical Insignia (upper right)
  4. My Profile
    • Notes
    • Reminders (alarms)
    • Doctors
    • Edit Profile
    • Logout (upper right)
  5. Track
    • Search Bar

My Categories

  • To get started, make sure you’re in All Categories and click the gray heart to choose the Categories you want to start with. (Hint: choose just a couple to get started. You can add additional categories at any time.)
  • Click the bar or the green arrow to choose specific Sub-categories and/or actual Items you want to track.
  • If there’s a Category, or Sub-category you want to add, click New Category (upper right) and click Add at the bottom to a new Category or Sub-category. If you have a small image you want to use, you can add that also or go here to learn how to add nice looking image.

Note: You’ll add new Items in the Your Categories section by going to a Sub-category and clicking the big + sign in the upper right.

My Symptoms

  • Ok, now let’s set up the Symptoms section. Click on RCT Logo (upper left) to go back to the Start-up Screen or click Symptoms on the bottom menu.
  • Make sure you are in All Symptoms and select the symptoms you want to track by either clicking on a main Symptom type or clicking on the green arrow to click the actual Symptom you want to track.
  • As always, you can add any Symptom type or actual Symptom by clicking New Symptom and then clicking on the Add button on the bottom.
Note: Categories breaks down into Sub-categories and Items. Symptoms only Symptom lists and actual Symptoms.

My Profile

  • Complete the My Profile section by adding your favorite photo.
  • Add a Note in this section.
  • Set Reminders.
  • Add the Doctors you want to send reports to later on.

My History

  • Lastly, the My History section shows you a list of all of the Items, Symptoms and Notes that you’ve logged on any day you choose.
  • You can list them separately by clicking on Items, Symptoms or Notes in the menu.
  • When you get enough data in the system, click the Medical Insignia logo in the upper right, choose the From and To dates, choose what to include and click Generate Report.
  • Once the report is generated, just click the Email icon (point to it) and there you go!


Now for the REALLY amazing part…the TRACK feature. This feature requires that you have enough data logged (a few weeks) for the app to ‘think’ about. 
  • Click TRACK.
  • Check 1-3 symptoms.
  • Click Track button and let the app to its job.
  • If there’s enough data and there are connections, the app will show you any connections it finds. 
Okay, now that you’ve seen your way around, what are you waiting for?
The sooner you get started tracking things, the sooner you may find some answers to your health issues.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your Root Cause Tracker app.

There you go…quick overview of your Root Cause Tracker app.

For more detailed instruction, check out our detailed How To Use Page