Premise #5

Having a healthy, loving support system is critical when
finding your way back to health.

We all know how important a loving, caring support system is to a happy, fulfilled life. Well, it’s even more important, if not critical, to have this support system in place when you’re working on finding out what’s ailing your sweet body and navigating your journey back to health.

If not family, friends or co-workers, find an online support system or two to have your back. Facebook is full of them!

A word of caution here when it comes to who to include in your health support system circle. They HAVE to have your back, and they have to willing to stand by your decisions when you’re clear about what is happening, and what you are choosing to do about it.

There have been many times in my 12 years of finding my way back to health that people around me disagreed, or gave me their own advice without asking if I wanted it, or even rolling their eyes when I needed to talk about something important to me.

Talking about what’s happening is so important, and I know sometimes it gets really old for the people closest to us so I’m going to give you some advice:

If you’ve talked about it several times, especially if it’s an ongoing symptom, I have found that it’s best to just keep it to myself. Being a care-taker and a health support person takes a lot of energy out of the people who love us, and want nothing more than us to be the healthy person that they once knew. So while you may be the one who is struggling, they are probably doing their best, and sometimes just need a break from what feels to them like the never-ending complaints about what’s happening, how we’re feeling, etc.

One of the things I found/find to be the most helpful is my meditation practice. It allows me to go inward, really relax and focus on letting things go, not thinking about this or that and just giving my mind a break. Learning to meditate (which is practice!) helps me be present, and choose to meditate even for one minute when I need it sometimes.

So, who is in your health support system? Choose wisely and remember that it’s as important that you take care of them, as it is that they take care of you!