Premise #3

Food and lifestyle are ALWAYS the first step
in solving any health crisis in our bodies.

“Our Food should be our Medicine & Our Medicine Should be our Food” – Hippocrates

We have grown up in a society, especially in the US, Europe and other so-called developed nations, where we’ve been led to believe that doctors can heal us and that medicine is where we need to turn to ‘fix’ our bodies. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’ve been lied to, pure and simple but WHY we’ve been lied to is a long story with many chapters. The short answer is that within our current ‘medical industry’, it’s far easier and more profitable to prescribe man-made drugs and do surgeries than suggest that it just may be our lifestyle choices and the toxic world we’ve created that may be causing our health challenges.

Drugs and surgeries are so much easier than digging deep…into a person’s history, their diet, their environments while they were growing up, their mental states, their antibiotic use, their exposure to heavy metals, molds, parasites, alcohol, other drugs, and on and on and on.

There are many fields of medicine that I believe are on a better track. Functional medicine and environmental medicine are two types of doctors that I personally believe in…probably because they gave me answers that made sense, did the right testing and gave me solutions that worked.

That, and quite a bit of research that I did myself that pointed me in the perfect direction. I have a saying or mantra that I use for myself that you might like to steal…”The perfect answers come to me at the exact right time.”

This saying keeps me positive and hopeful, and as I continue to move myself from the antibiotic nightmare I experienced in 2006, I got to a point where I am continuously getting healthier each month.

Root Cause Tracker’s Premise #3, Food and lifestyle are ALWAYS the first step in solving any health crisis in our bodies is simply the truth for the majority of health issues. Yes, there are some genetic diseases that no one can control, but the vast majority of health issues can be improved and or completely healed by nature and the first step there is to look at your food and lifestyle.

We really are what we eat in more ways than most people want to admit.