Premise #4

You have to be willing to do the leg work if you want to find out what’s making you feel awful. No one else can do it for you.


Scene: You go to your doctor’s appointment and have thirty to sixty minutes to tell him/her what’s up and get answers.

Result: You leave feeling like you felt so rushed that you forgot a few very important symptoms and you don’t feel like you were heard or that you got the information that you needed to get better.

Most of us with health issues have experienced this, and depending on where you live, what type clinic you go to or what type of doctor you are able to see (sometimes the right doctor just isn’t readily available), the scene at your appointment can be better or worse. I have a friend who had to wait forever to see his doctor, and when he finally got in, he only had ten minutes to consult with him. Hardly enough time to accomplish anything!

Your Time and Money is the Best Investment for Your Health

I know in my own journey back to relative health (it IS a journey after all), I have spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours reading and listening to books, videos, webinars and summits, because they taught me about the liver, the thyroid, Epstein Barr Virus, different herbs and essential oils, the gut microbiome, epigenetics, parasites, mold, heavy metals…you name it. I have probably read about it over the past twelve years.

And it’s all been great because the more I learned, the more empowered I felt, and it gave me hope. This helped me to get more persistent in my quest for the answers to why the heck my body isn’t super healthy anymore, and more importantly, what do I have to do to re-gain a healthy body again.

I slowly found the answers and the solutions, and there were many. Here’s just a portion of the treatments and strategies I have used and tried over the years:

Therapy List

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Tons more veggies and fruits (yes, fruit…you have to get over the myth that the sugar in fruit is bad for you)
  • A lot more raw nuts and seeds (but you have to be careful here…this is NOT always wise for viral infections)
  • Getting rid of wheat, gluten and dairy and watching the types of fat I ate.
  • Lots and lots of different supplements (and I still search for supplements without additives)
  • Herbalist customized formulas
  • Chelations for heavy metals and toxic chemicals found in my body
  • UVL Treatments
  • B12 Shots
  • Glutathione (IV and oral)
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Muscle Testing
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation (a BIGGY for me)
  • And don’t forget plain ole’ wonderful massages

This is not a complete list by any means but you get the idea.

Many of these things I found and chose myself, and others were suggested and offered by various doctors I searched out and found. And because I was willing to do the legwork and never gave up, I continually found answers that helped me feel better over time.

Bottom line for me, and I hope for you, is that you can never give up. There is always something else to do and something else to learn.

So, are YOU ready to take on the role of your own health private detective? Only when you are, you will start being able to take charge of your own care and start finding the answers you’re supposed to find to finally get healthy again.