Root Cause Tracker Premises

Definition of Premise…base as argument, theory or undertaking on.

With any project that stems from someone’s personal experience, there are always underlying premises upon which the project was created.

Those of us involved with creating Root Cause Tracker had our own set of premises that we think are important to share with you.

Perhaps you’ll agree, and if you don’t agree, perhaps you will after you learn more and experience the real power of RCT to help you solve your own health challenges and feel great again.

OK…here we go…

Root Cause Tracker's Overall Premise

“There is nothing wrong with your body”

We want you to know and understand and get that your body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing…protecting you from all sorts of things:

  • What you’re eating
  • What you’re exposing it to
  • What you’re thinking

The only thing that is happening is that it can’t take it anymore. Even if you aren’t doing some or all of these things on purpose, it’s just overwhelmed and in order to heal, you’re going to have to make some changes.

There is no magic pill. No magic potion. No magic spell. No magic treatment. Getting well and healing your body is going to take time, intention, commitment, dedication, education, persistance and patience. And, because you’re here, we know you’re ready.

Let’s get started!

Premise #1

We are our own best health advocate. We know our minds and bodies better than anyone else because we live in them! We feel, we experience, we sense.

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Premise #2

Look to Alternative Medicine for the Best Information and Treatments

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Premise #3

Food and lifestyle are ALWAYS the first step in solving any health crisis in our bodies. Period.

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Premise #4

We have to be wiling to do the leg work if we want to find out what’s making us feel awful. No one else can do it for us.

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Premise #5

Having a healthy, loving support system is critical when finding your way back to health.

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Premise #6

Our mental state and physical state influence each other. Without a healthy mindset and belief system, all of the kale in the world isn’t going to make you better.

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