Your Root Cause Tracker Blog

Here you will find all sorts of articles about health, including different types of conditions, diseases and their symptoms. You’ll also find even more articles on how to use alternative therapies (like food, herbs, supplements, etc.) to help you heal that beautiful body of yours.

Change One thing at a time

Finding the Root Cause of Your Health Issues by Changing One Thing At a Time You know the scenario…we’ve all done it…even though most of the time I don’t think it’s on purpose. You don’t feel well and you haven’t felt well for some time…maybe a week, maybe...

What’s Happening vs. What’s Wrong

But what's wrong with me? This is probably the most common question those of us with health issues ask ourselves, however, it's not the best question we could be asking. Disease…a new perspective that changes things completely We’ve all heard the idea that our...


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