The Notes Section – Tracking Health Events

If you have health issues, there are so many choices, decisions, actions, events and experiences you have throughout your days and months that it can be a challenge keeping track of everything. That’s why RCT was created…to make keeping things straight easy!

notes sectionSince one of the main benefits of using Root Cause Tracker include it’s amazingly simple customization options, it’s super easy to add notes on just about anything. And remember, your Notes section is searchable!

There are many uses for the Notes sections in your Root Cause Tracker app. Here are just a few ideas from our own experience:

  • When you see your doctors
  • When you have a medical test or procedure
  • When you have lab tests
  • The results of medical/lab tests
  • When you START doing something (in addition to adding it as a Category Item and logging it)
  • When you STOP doing something
  • Healing properties about herbs or essential oils or foods you want to keep track off.
  • Any information you want to remember from the myriad health/medical books you read (if you’re anything like me!).

Learning to become consistent taking good notes, like anything you want to do regularly, requires developing the habit of taking notes. Try to keep track of certain things (not everything) and as you go along, you’ll remember to jot things down when they happen. This way you’re not having to try to remember when they happened and won’t feel overwhelmed with the task.

Good luck! If you find other uses for our Notes Section, please email us and let us know. We’ll let other users know.