Finally a simple, easy to use app that empowers you to be your own health care detective so you can figure out how to feel well again!


The Root Cause TrackerTM …the easiest way to figure out why you feel terrible, so you can feel great again!

By tracking what you do everyday (like your doctor or health care provider has probably suggested a zillion times), RCT can help find common threads between what you are doing and how you are feeling.

The cool part of the app (and it has LOTS of cool parts) is that you customize it to fit YOUR personal lifestyle. For example, if you don’t ever eat bananas, why have bananas on your list of fruits? But what if one day, spur of the moment, you start eating bananas? No problem, just add them to your list. Easy peasy !

We have included attractive and modern features in the app

The fact is, the apps we actually use on our phones and other mobile devices have to be easy to use and it really helps that they are intuitive with all of the modern features we’ve become accustomed to in the great apps we use every day.

The Root Cause Tracker™ app is designed to make sense. It lets you set up the lifestyle categories and symptoms sections you want to track quickly and easily. First, it gives you a whole host of categories to choose from, like the obvious ones such as food, exercise, drugs, supplements, etc. and quite a few not so obvious ones, like phases of the moon, EMF exposure and more. Once you choose the ones you want to track, if an area of your life isn’t listed, you simply add it. It’s that easy.

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We realize that if an app isn’t easy to use or takes too long to learn, you probably won’t use it. We did our best to make it fast and easy to learn and use. After all, we assume you’re tired of feeling terrible and just want to figure out how to feel great again !

Demystify Your Symptoms

When your doctor or health care provider can’t give you a definitive reason for your health issues, you have to take it into your own hands. Root Cause Tracker helps you figure out what’s making you ill.

Completely Customizable

Your symptoms are unique to you. The categories you want to track are also unique to you. With Root Cause Tracker, YOU choose which categories you want to track and you can add and delete categories any time you want.

Database Driven

For those of you who have had a phone, tablet or computer stolen, you know how painful and time consuming it is to lose your data. All of your Root Cause Tracker data is safely stored in our database so if you lose your device, or buy a new one, you lose nothing!

User Friendly

Our goal was to make an app that easy to learn and use so you’ll actually use it! We want getting to the root of your health issues to be a pleasant process

Discover Unknown Possibilities

In our personal health journey, we have discovered that often, the reason we don’t feel good isn’t related to anything we think it is. We’ve provided some not-so-obvious categories for you to track and will provide information over time to suggest other areas you might want to track.

Doctor Interface

Easily send your health care provider a summary of all of your Root Cause Tracker data, including any personal notes you add. Now isn’t that better than repeating everything to your doctor? We thought so.


Functions Not Available Anywhere Else

Root Cause Tracker was developed to do what no other app does… help you track down the cause of what’s making you ill. There are plenty of apps that allow you to log what you eat, and/or how your symptoms, but none tries to find the LINKS between your lifestyle and how you feel.

Social Media Interaction and Support

If you’ve been sick or struggling with your health for awhile, you know how important it is to have support and input from others who may be experiencing similar issues. It’s simply unreasonable to expect any doctor to know it all. Our Root Cause Tracker Facebook page and Facebook Group can lend that support when you need it the most. Members will be encouraged to share other support groups there as well.

Been There, Done That

Root Cause Tracker was developed because I couldn’t find a tool to help me easily track what I was doing. Time and time again, my doctors asked me to keep track of what I was eating, what I was doing, how I was feeling. I didn’t follow through because, honestly, it was a pain in the tush. I mean, how many times can you write BANANA in a food journal?

The more people I talked to, the more I realized I wasn’t alone and my doctors said they wished there was a way to get people to comply with their ‘journaling’ requests.

Well, guess what? Root Cause Tracker is the answer and I’m so excited to have you use it to see if there are connections that will help YOU feel better.

Free Lifetime Update

That’s just a no-brainer but we wanted you know you’ll be able to get upgrades for life. Heck, our plan is to continue making the app better and better and we’ll want to take you along!
It doesn’t matter what color you are, how old or young you are or where you live in the world, the fact is, we all have bodies and sometimes those bodies don’t work the way we want them to. Root Cause Tracker is designed with everyone in mind !


Notice the clean screens, easy to read type, and don’t miss our tracker dog…we love him because he’s the one who does all the work! And you don’t have to be a dog lover to love our tracker dog.
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Elisabeth Donati, RCT Creator

For years, the peripheral neuropathy symptoms I experience from my using the antibiotic Cipro for a UTI, would flare up, making life albeit challenging. Pins and needles, stabbing pains in my toes and sidesit was awful. Root Cause Tracker showed me there was a connection to the coconut oil I was eating and also using in the form of body lotion. I cut it out and within three days, the symptoms started decreasing. What a relief!

Your Name Here, RCT User

This testimonial could be you!

Your Name Here, RCT User

This testimonial could be you!


The sooner you download our app and start keeping track of the stuff you do each day, the sooner you’ll be on your way to letting the app help you find connections between your symptoms and your lifestyle.

Montana, USA