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Thankfully, Age Does Bring Wisdom

My many years on this planet (60 so far) have provided me with a brain and soul full of wisdom in (at least) two areas: creating health and wealth. In so many ways, the two areas go together.

I have heard that too many people spend their health acquiring their wealth, and then spend the rest of their lives spending their wealth to regain their health.

There’s just something wrong with this picture!

Before 2006, as I explained in My Story, I was the picture of health, stayed up with the latest in health and fitness research and felt great. I could do anything I wanted.

Then, as the story goes, in 2006, I experienced an unexpected bladder infection while traveling, and was without my trusted bladder herbs.

I called my nurse practitioner who called in the dreaded and fateful Cipro prescription. My body hasn’t been the same since, BUT it’s more like it’s old (younger) self than it ever has been since learning everything I have learned since then about Cipro, EBV and more.

Learning and More Learning To Help Myself and Others

Elisabeth Donati

Elisabeth with ‘my dog, my love, my everything.’

In addition to figuring out what was causing my health issues, I have learned more than I care to know about how messed up our ‘medical industry’ is, and how people are labeled and mislabeled with disease names so they can be given drugs to mask symptoms, with rarely a conversation about diet, lifestyle, thoughts, etc.

Before that, I was an aerobics instructor, personal trainier and manager of a health club, where I spent my time lovingly helping others develop their skills and strategies to become fit and healthy.

My Sweet Detour

In 2002, I took my skills as a fitness and health coach, aerobic instructor and personal trainer, and wandered head-first into the realm of financial education for kids, teens and women. I realized I was still empowering others to being fully responsible for themselves. I was simply doing it in another arena…money management and wealth creation.

Watching kids and teens ‘get it’ in my summer Camp Millionaire programs and watching women make huge strides in their financial goals (including getting out of the holes they had dug for themselves) was just as satisfying as the health coaching and personal training that I had done for years.

Combining Health and Wealth – Unlikely Marriage

What I realized over the years is that, there are a LOT of similarities between how we view our bodies, and how we view the money in our lives. I noticed that the more my financial coaching included coaching about lifestyle choices relative to fitness and nutrition, when one of the areas of my client’s life improved, the other areas tended to improve as well. It was a fun ah-ha!

I’m thrilled that now I get to do both, and you might be surprised at how often the two subjects…health and wealth…intersect your life.

I love what I do. I love watching people get better, learn skills that improve their lives on different ways and well, I’d love to help you, too!

I also know that I don’t know everything…far from it. I’m more of a ‘Big Picture Coach’. I work on habits, thought patterns, getting you on a better path. Then, when you’re ready, we explore deeper into what is causing issues in your life.

As you get better, and start feeling better working on the big picture (food, activity, stress reduction, negative thoughts, toxic environments, etc), we continue to work together. And yes, lab testing is part of our work together.

When we’ve done all we can do together, I pull in the big guns (sorry for the metaphor)…The folks I have met over the years in my own health journey, and let them take it from there to really get to the root cause of your health issues in areas that I’m not able to help you.

Free One-Hour Consultation

Are you ready to feel better? I sure hope so. I hope you’ve downloaded and installed your Root Cause Tracker app and started tracking your lifestyle choices. This will help us in both the short, and long run, as we discover what’s going on in your sweet body.


Feeling awful isn’t fun, for you or for those who spend time with you. I know this from experience…and thankfully, I’ve had a very patient, loving and supportive partner who has been with me through the entire process from start to now…and we’re still working through things. I’m grateful for his support every day. 

I’m here when you’re ready. 

Oh, and if you want to search out a coach in your area to work with one-on-one personally or simply see who’s out there, check out our Health Directory Page!