Getting Started with Root Cause Tracker

Since you have purchased and installed your Root Cause Tracker app on your phone or other mobile device, we’re under the assumption that you did so because you’ve got a health issue and want to try to figure out what’s causing it.

Hurray, a great first step on your part. After all, it’s only through awareness of what we’re doing that may be causing the issue that we can make changes in our lifestyles to help correct the issues and heal our sweet bodies.

That being said, you’ve done the easiest part. NOW comes to piece of the process that takes commitment, habit, diligent, some effort and patience.

And like most things in life, the quality of the information you’ll get OUT of the RCT app is entirely dependent on the quality and quantity of information you put INTO it.


Let’s face it…human beings are funny creatures. We have come to be a culture of wanting it all RIGHT NOW! But the fact is, that is rarely what happens and almost never what works. 

Things take time. Time to sort out, time to fix, time to heal.

Health is the same way. It probably (but not always) took a period of time for your body to become ill, even if you weren’t aware of it yet, and it’s probably going to take some time for you to help your body get well.

Like most things, it’s a process.

It’s going to take time…and information…and tools…and persistence…and patience…and commitment…and the right beliefs.

Oh, and a whole lot of heart felt hope and self-care.

It’s going to take TIME to figure out what’s happening in your sweet body…the one body you have to experience life. For me, it’s worth the time because there are so many things about life that I just love…even the hard things because I come out the other side a better, strong, wiser person.

It’s going to take INFORMATION to figure out what’s causing the issues. LOTS of information if my own experience is remotely like yours. It took time to do the research, to realize what was happening, what was causing what was happening (and I’m STILL working on this part). It took reading and watching and listening and chatting and searching and more searching.

But you know what I found? Keys, tips, tricks…over the years on my own health journey, I have had more ah-ha moments than I can count. And they’ve all led me to better health. Not perfect health yet but I’m so much healthier than I was in 2006 when I first got sick, it makes me jump for joy when I think about it.

It’s going to take TOOLS and by tools I mean…

• the right therapies
• the right foods
• the right supplements, herbs, spices, tinctures, oils, etc.
• the right support system

And it’s going to take time to figure out the ‘rights’ for you because MY rights won’t be YOUR rights. They may be similar but they probably won’t be exactly the same because each of our bodies is so different.

It’s going to take PERSISTENCE because you never know when the next perfect piece in the puzzle will show up. It could be in the next person you talk to, the next article you read, the next video you watch, the next interview with the right doctor you listen to.

You have to believe, like I do, that everything works out and that you’ll get the right information at the right time and for me, it keeps me going and HAS kept me going for more than 12 years now. And each piece of information I add to the layers and layers of information and tools I have already gotten help me become healthier by the year.

It’s going to take PATIENCE. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body probably won’t be healed over night. Patience isn’t the same as time. Time passes. Patience is HOW you pass that time. I’ve learned to pass it with grace and patience and that has made all of the difference in my own journey.

You COULD stumble onto something that you add or delete from your day that could make a huge impact. Like when I realized that all of the coconut oil and coconut products were making my body MORE inflamed, not less (who knew!!!). Within days I could feel my nervous system calming down. And I’d been eating coconut products for years thinking they were healthy. Well, they MAY be healthy for some people, just not for me.

And yet other things I have added have taken time…like making sure I eat lots of anti-viral and anti-bacterial foods and herbs and spices. I don’t over due them because going mentally crazy trying to do it all at once (isn’t there were we started?) can, and often, just makes it worse.

It’s going to take COMMITMENT. You have to be committed to being healthy again because if you aren’t, you won’t do the other things required to get healthy again. Without a commitment, you won’t make doing the things required to get healthy a priority and if something isn’t a priority, well, you might as well not even start.

Lastly, it’s going to take the right BELIEFS. You have to BELIEVE you can get better. You have to BELIEVE you can heal. You have to BELIEVE you’ll find the right information at the right time. Without the right beliefs, I truly believe that healing probably can’t happen.

Start Off Slow to be Successful

The fact is, if you don’t log what you’re doing in your Root Cause Tracker app, it can’t help you. And if you try to track too many categories right off the bat, chances are you won’t track ANY of the categories in enough detail for the app to be able to help you track down any root cause. And what good is paying for an app if you’re not going to use it for what it was intended for…to HELP YOU FEEL BETTER.

So, this is what we ‘highly’ suggest:

When you first log into your Root Cause Tracker app, you’d going to go to the All Categories section and you’re going to see a LOT of categories. Don’t freak out…you should NOT try to track every one of these categories right off the bat. We’ve given you lots of ideas of what might be contributing to your lack of health because we’re found most people don’t realize what may be causing their health issues.

One of our goals for Root Cause Tracker is to help educate users on other areas they probably want to look to…like heavy metals and EMF exposure. These are not things that most doctors will even suggest. Heck, most doctors still don’t ask you what you’re eating!!!

You couldn’t track all of the categories if you tried (at least we don’t think you could but please don’t try just to prove us wrong!). You’d spend all day looking at your phone or device and that’s just not a healthy thing to do. Instead, we suggest you do the following…

Choose Three

Choose three to five categories that you suspect might be causing or aggravating your symptoms, like food, stress, sleep, EMF exposure, time of month (if you’re a gal). Food should always be the number one thing you keep track of and because we tend to eat every day and often, it will take you the most diligence to input but let me tell you, we have found that it’s so worth it!

Note: in Root Cause Tracker, you aren’t tracking quantities, just what the item is. We’ve found that if you’re sensitive to something you’re sensitive to a small amount and a also a large amount. If you want to track quantities to see if there’s a difference, feel free to add items in quantities, for example, you would add, apple-1, apple-2, apple-3 or Sitting-1 hour, Sitting-2 hours, or Cell phone-1 hour, cell phone-2 hours, etc. You get the idea…bottom line, you can track anything you want! Isn’t that cool!?

Track these 3-5 categories for at least a month and when you feel you have enough data inputted (which is the key), use the TRACK feature to let the app do what it’s designed to do…find connections between what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

Depending on your results, or on how much time it takes you to keep track and input data for other categories, feel free to add them from the All Categories into Your Categories as you wish. And remember, at any point, you can remove a category from Your Categories so you can focus on other categories. It’s completely up to you and completely customizable. 

Trial and Error leads to Answers

It’s going to be a trial and error process and it’s going to take time…and patience…etc. You get the idea.

I personally have found that when I actually paid attention to what I was doing relative to how I were feeling, there were always little, and sometimes BIG, clues about what was causing what. The key is to listen to those clue, start logging the categories related to those clues and see what comes up.

The answers may surprise you. We hope so!

To a enlightened and successful health journey,

Elisabeth Donati


Elisabeth Donati
Creator, Root Cause Tracker