Our Favorite Health Related YouTube Channels

There are so many intelligent health related YouTube video channels available now that there is really no excuse not to know how to take care of ourselves. We have many channels that we watch regularly and thought we’d add them here for you to learn from.

If you have a great YouTube channel you think our readers would benefit learning from, by all means, send it to us via email

Dr. Berg

Medical Medium

Dr. Joe Dispenza

The Truth About Cancer

Dr. Bergman

Eckhart Tolle

David Perlmutter MD

Kasia Kines


Dr. Josh Axe

Natural Cures

Bright Side Health Tips

Mayo Clinic

Ancient Nutrition

Nutrition Facts


The Energy Blueprint

Chris Beat Cancer

Isa Herrera, MSPR, CSCS

Dr. Richard Schulze

Growth Events

Green Med Info

Dr. Sam Robbins

Live Healthy Life

Healthy Life

Home Remedies for Health

Health Tips

Mind Body Green

Healthy Life Aim

Health Maestro

Healthcare Triage

Health and Beauty

The Real Truth About Health

Authentic Mental Health

Diverse Health Services

Natural Health Resources

Health and Wellness

Life Well Lived

Just In Health

Health Nut Nutrition


Orange Health


Mind Over Munch

EFT Universe

Natural Remedy

The Domestic Geek

Clean & Delicious