Facebook Groups – A Wealth of Health Information at Your Fingertips

I love Facebook groups! I just do. I don’t really love Facebook itself, but I do love the groups. Why? Because I have learned more from people in Facebook groups than just about any other place on the internet (or in my community).

Along my health journey and even presently, I have joined many groups with the most amazing people…people full of inspiration, persistence, full of health and nutrition information, tips and tricks. I don’t always take people’s advice but I do use input to do more research and from there, I have learned so much of what I have learned that has helped me feel well.

Since there are Facebook groups for just about every topic known to man, especially when it comes to health, nutrition, medicine, disease, healing, etc. We’re listed below some of our favorite to get your start.

Tip: Before joining any group, look at the number of members in the group and also look at the rules if you can before you join. Many groups are full of people who are there simply to spam the group, get the members to join MLMs, purchase products, and other nefarious deeds. And don’t hesitate to leave the group if you’re not feeling welcome and safe. There’s plenty more that are amazing.


Medical Medium Members Only Group – This is the official VIP Member’s Only Facebook Group of Medical Medium (Anthony William).

Thyroid Support Group – Support group for people having thyroid issues.

We’re just getting started. We’ll be adding LOTS of groups soon to help support you on your healing journey. If you know of a great Facebook group, please send us the link and we’ll check it out and add it to this list.