“Everything in Moderation”

We’ve all heard people say this…perhaps we’ve even said it ourselves once or twice. But what do we usually mean when we say it?

Usually, we say it when we’re talking with someone about what we eat or what’s OK to eat or diets in general. Perhaps we say it when we feel as though we need to justify what we eat or how we eat on a regular basis.

This saying let’s us off the hook so we can eat a ‘little’ wheat or a ‘little’ sugar or only have one drink every night instead of three or only have potato chips once a week.

But what do we REALLY get when we eat ‘everything in moderation’?

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Let’s imagine that you had a really nice car. A car you saved up for by working hard, a car you cherish and experience the world in as you travel from here to there every day.

You love this car and you want it to last your whole life. Many of us have had cars, or other things, that we felt this way about so you hopefully you can relate in some way or another.

Now, let’s say that you go to the gas station one day and the filler-up person asks, “So, what do you want today?”

You say, “I’d like three-quarters premium fuel and one-quarter of the cheapest, low quality stuff you’ve got.”

The attendant looks at your cool car and then looks at you strangely, not understanding why you’d put cheap, low quality fuel in your precious car. He shakes his head and does as you ask…after all, it’s not HIS car. But he does wonder about your choice and it bugs him all day long.

“Why would someone not be willing to take the best care of a special car like that? Why put cheap fuel in the car at all? Don’t they know that it might run OK for a while but eventually, that cheap fuel is going to clog up the insides of that car so it doesn’t run at tip-top shape anymore and eventually, it might not run at all and need to go to a mechanic?”

All day long, he ponders that driver’s choice and finally, he just give up on his inquiry because he just can’t relate and goes on about his business.

The Eventuality of Everything in Moderation

We all the end of the story…the car will eventually start running poorly and eventually, need to see a mechanic. And if you’re lucky, the mechanic’s first question will be, “So, what kind of fuel are you using in your car?” He asks this question because his experience has shown him that people who put cheap gas in their cars, eventually end up with damaged engines and need to have them repaired.

Your Car is Your Body

As you’ve already guessed, the story about the car and the owner’s fuel choice is simply a metaphor for your sweet body. The only body you get to enjoy your life with, experience all of the sensations of living on this planet and let me tell you, I love of of my senses and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Seeing flowers and babies and colors galore; hearing music and the voices of the people I love and cherish; feeling the warm hands of a lover or a masseuse as they melt the knots from my back; tasting and feeling the crispness of an apple or the melted butter on a fresh baked potato. These are just some of the amazing things we get to experience while we’re alive.

But what people tend not to understand is how even a little bit of low-quality fuel (food and beverages) in their body’s tank inhibits their bodies from running in tip-top shape.

The little bit of wheat will eventually cause your intestines to not be able to absorb the high quality food and nutrients you do eat, leading to a whole host of issues including inflammation, brain fog, immune issues and more.

That little bit of sugar may just feed enough of the bad bugs in your gut so they overrun the good bugs and again, affect your digestion and hence, your entire well-being.

The one drink of alcohol might just overwhelm your toxin-ladened liver to the point of overflowing so you just don’t feel well in the morning or for a couple of mornings after having the drink.

And those potato chips? Even if they’re fried in coconut oil or avocado oil…two oils we’ve come to think of as ‘safe’ when used at high heat, the simple act of frying the potato releases a toxic chemical that causes all sorts of damage to your body.

Alternative to Everything in Moderation

For me personally, glowing health is the alternative I choose. Healing from taking Cipro in 2006 which tweaked my body which needs constant attention and the right nutrients so I can function as close to the perfectly healthy state that I was in prior to taking Cipro.

It’s taken me years and tens of thousands of dollars to figure out how to be remotely healthy again and eating anything unhealthy at all, let alone in moderation, just causes me to relapse or spurs other symptoms I then have to deal with.

The idea of eating low-quality ‘not-food’ as I call it, isn’t an option. My goal and #1 priority is to continue to improve my health so that I’m 100% healthy again and if that means I only go to restaurants that serve organic foods and grass-fed meats, or spend my money on organic produce at the store or constantly make big salads, take my supplements, etc. every day, then so be it.

Choosing health is worth it to me because the body I experience life in is the only body I have and the only body I know of that I’m going to get to enjoy life with.

So, next time you decide you want to justify eating a GMO filled Oreo or pesticide filled apple, and you want to use the ‘everything in moderation’ excuse, please know you’re not choosing health. You’re choosing something else. And if you choose something else, please don’t continue to complain that you don’t feel well, that you’re in pain and you just can’t eat another piece of kale.

People Don’t Change…

One of my favorite sayings, and I’m sure I’ll talk about it again and again, is…“People don’t change until the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same.”

priority healthFor some, the idea of remaining in pain and discomfort is a lot more pain than doing what it takes to work on your health every single moment and choosing healthy foods every single time. You can’t say you eat healthy if you eat potato chips at night after a great big salad. It’s like being sort of pregnant. It’s just possible.

Please know that there’s no judgment here. I want for you what YOU want for you. It’s just that often you say one thing but choose otherwise. In this is the case, simply ask yourself what’s under the unhealthy choice. You may just be surprised by the answer and that answer may lead you to making healthy choices all of the time.

To healing and beyond…