Let’s face it…as human beings, we tend to get way too caught up in labels. It’s a human thing…to put things in categories so we can sort stuff, know how to think about stuff, know what to do with stuff.

We label people based on our skin, our religion, the amount of dollars we happen to have to our name, where we were born. We all know, however, at some level, that we’re all just humans doing our human thing the best that we’re able at the time.

We label the things on our to-do list based on whether it’s personal or business, high or low priority but honestly, it’s all just stuff to do.

We also tend to label the health status of our bodies and minds, which isn’t healthy nor productive.

Medical Symptoms and Labels

disease labelsLabels have a tendency, simply because of their nature, to divide us in so many way, instead of unifying us as a species. Until the time when we are enlightened enough to really see that we’re all just Native Earthians, living together on this planet for the benefit of all, it’s going to be challenging. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s the combination of physical, mental and emotional health symptoms that we’re going to talk about and why attaching a label to them is so destructive for people.

Let’s say that we’re experiencing several physical health symptoms; maybe we’re not sleeping, we’re having cramps, we’re tired all of the time, our tummies are upset too often. We’ve been conditioned to think ‘doctor’ first so we made an appointment with an allopathic doctor.

“From Wikipedia: Allopathic medicine or allopathy is a pejorative used by proponents of alternative medicine to refer to modern scientific systems of medicine, such as the use of pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases or conditions.”

Now don’t get me wrong…I believe that most doctors know a lot about the body. Many specialize in a body part or system, like feet or hormones, and hence, don’t really have a clue how another part of the body would be affecting their part.  

Other physicians are so immeshed in the allopathic system and ‘standard of care’ (which is controlled not by the knowledge of the doctor but by our medical insurance industry) that they simply know very little about what actually makes human bodies start to falter. Doctors are, however, really good at giving you and I labels about our symptoms. The problem is that those labels bring about a whole other set of problems.

The Problem with Medical Labels

The first problem with labels is that, when given a label by our doctor, we tend to start to OWN the label. We’ve all heard people say, “my diabetes’ or ‘my arthritis.’ I don’t know about you, but I’d never want to diabetes to be mine! Once you claim it, however, it starts shaping how you think about who you are.

You become one of the millions with diabetes, you start falling into step with the other diabetics, you start reading about diabetes and learning how to cope or manage ‘your’ disease. But nothing would be further than being helpful in terms of returning your body to health.

Lab Tests are but Pieces of the Story

Let’s face it…we’ve all had lab tests we waited for, only to find out that all of our levels are ‘in range.’ While lab testing is important and a great step in figuring out what’s happening, and learning that you’re levels are fine can be comforting, don’t be disillusioned and think that there isn’t information there that a skilled health practitioner won’t miss. 

There is plenty of information available of the errors of misinterpretation of lab tests, especially thyroid and hormone testing. 

One of the things I hear and read about all day long is that ‘my doctor won’t order that lab test.’ Well, guess what? You can order your own lab tests and it’s often less expensive than if you ordered it through a lab and had to pay for it yourself. Go here to get 50-80% off advanced biomarker testing by ordering your lab tests yourself

I recently had a full panel of tests done and learned a few things that caused me to alter a few choices. It was money well spend. 

There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Body

Before you go off half cocked thinking I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…I do. I have spent since 2006 figuring out what has happening in my body. Not what was ‘wrong’ with my body but what it was doing, what it reacting to, what was causing the physical symptoms I was experiencing.

I learned in the first year of not feeling my healthy self that I had two basic choices in terms of looking at my body. Either something was WRONG with it or something was HAPPENING in it. Turns out that being curious about what’s happening in it is far more productive because I never owned a symptom or a label and it has only benefitted me.

Being curious about what was happening, while assuming my body was doing exactly what it needed to do to deal with and manage whatever was happening in it, led me to all of the amazing information, resources and tools I have used to get healthy again. And I’m still working on it.

The fact is, our bodies are amazing vehicles. They provide us with this container through which to enjoy this thing we call life and I, for one, wouldn’t trade it for anything…even with all of the pain and challenges mine has gone through helping to keep me alive. And keeping you alive is it’s number one job since, after all, how can we reproduce if we’re not alive.

New Health Paradigm: Simple Cause and Effect

If I push you and you fall over and break your arm, you know how your arm got broken. Your body simply yielded to my strength and over you went.

If you drink water with e-coli in it, you get sick, throw up, have diarrhea, and feel pretty crappy (pun intended…sorry). You understand the cause (bacteria in the water) and the effect (you feel terrible for days).

Now, if you have a symptom that you can’t put your finger on, this is when you go to a doctor and say, “Hey doc, I’m so tired these days and I have a lot of gas (if you even feel comfortable mentioning it) and I have this little rash on my side.”

He or she might say, “Well, it sounds like ‘xxxx’ to me. Let me give you ‘Rx A’ for the rash, ‘Rx B’ for the gas and you probably just need to get a little more sleep every night.”

If he/she is a better doctor, you’ll be asked what you’re eating, how’s your stress level, how much computer work are you doing, have you been anywhere exotic lately, etc.?

These questions are a good sign that your doctor is more interesting in the cause of your symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms or the effect.

How far this goes depends totally on the type of doctor you’re seeing and how much training they have had in an area called functional and/or environmental medicine and even naturopathic medicine. The deeper they go in finding the root cause of your illness, the better the chance that you may actually get some real help figuring out what’s happening in your sweet body.

Exploring Your Own Symptoms

For me personally, because I am a logical thinker, I ask questions that look like this…

Q: When I did this (or didn’t do that), I experienced X so I wonder if that might be part of the cause.

Q: I felt okay until ‘date’ and then all of a sudden I experienced ‘symptom.’ What changed? I start reading (like I’m sure you do/have) and discover clues. Those clues lead to books, authors, blog posts, Facebook groups, YouTube vides, etc. Eventually, in my own experience, I end up with a trail of clues which start to paint a really good picture of what’s happening in my body. 

I am VERY careful not to every own a symptom or label and always keep in mind that no two humans are the same so just because one person had good luck with one therapy, doesn’t mean I’ll have good luck with the same therapy.

One of the most important areas is food. We simply can’t all eat the same things and food affects each of us different.

Our genetics also impact what our bodies can handle from life and our thoughts have been proven to change the way these genetics impact us. This is an amazing area of science that really helps to empower each of us to be our own healer. 

It’s all a huge puzzle…and I guess in many ways, I love puzzles because after all of these years, I have uncovered what’s been happening in my sweet body. You can read My Story here. 

Areas That May Be Causing Your Body to Struggling

For now, what I want to leave you with is suggestions…areas of your life to be curious about that may be having a small or large effect on your health.

Rather than taking your doctor’s word on what’s ailing you…instead I encourage you to think, explore, question, dig, and repeat.

Don’t fall into the ‘drug pit of despair’ where you end up worse off than you started because now your body is having to deal with an additional substance and you’re faced with side-effects that could, and often do, require more drugs to help you with the side-effects. This is not the road to radiant health.

The following are areas of your life that need serious consideration and the first two are the most important by far. If you are struggling with a mysterious illness and don’t know where else to turn, and you haven’t explored all of these areas, I urge you to continue your quest. The answers are out there!

  • Food/diet…your most important allay and the easiest thing to quickly change.
  • Thoughts and beliefs…believe it or not, we really are what we think about the most.
  • Food sensitivities…there’s a lot of information about food sensitivity testing so do your research before choosing the method that feels the most appropriate for your situation.
  • Cooking utensils (please learn about the dangers of microwave cooking).
  • Stress levels
  • Water intake and quality
  • Drug use (remember, no one is born vidicon deficient
  • Hormones
  • Environmental toxins (huge area of concern these days. It’s not a question of IF you are toxic, it’s a question of WHAT is in you in what levels).
  • EMF exposure…whether you want to believe it not, that cell phone you hold ever day, the computer I’m typing on and the cell tower by your home are contributing to our early demise. If you’re looking for a solution, Tilys Biotech is the only company I’m aware of that understands what EMF does to the body and has products to help you.
  • Epstein-Barr Virus…this is a huge area and one of the main issues I deal with. Kasia Kines is one of the experts on this who helps me.
  • Molds…our environment is filled with. Check out www.survivingmold.com  and www.moldbacteria.com to learn more. 
  • Parasites are a big (or little rather:-) contributor to poor health. The best source I have discovered for testing and healing is www.parasitetesting.com,
  • Genetics…While we know that our genetics plays a huge role in how our body functions, we also know that a lot of things affect how our genes express themselves. Getting your genome done by www.23andme.com is a great step in understand the very building blocks that make up who you are. 
  • Teeth…you may just have some dental issues that need addressing.
  • People…while it might seem far fetched, some people do make us sick. Just be open to the idea.

There are a lot of other areas of life that you might want to consider. Just keep an open mind, be curious and you will stumble upon the answers to a happier, healthier you again.

Good luck on your journey back to health and let me know if I can help in any way.