We have tried to make the Root Cause Tracker app as intuitive as possible AND we realize that doesn’t mean that it’s intuitive to everyone.

That being said, both the Categories and Symptoms sections of the app are highly customizable. I mean, why would you have to wade through a bunch of Categories or Symptom types that don’t remotely have anything to do YOUR life and YOUR body? – Exactly our thoughts as well!

Default Categories and Symptoms

We’ve added a lot of basic Categories, Sub-categories, Items, Symptoms Types and Symptoms that we are aware of that you may want to track. There are long lists in some areas and very little listed, depending on how common or unique the area is.

For example, we listed a whole bunch of fruits, because fruit is a common food item. However, when it comes to alcohol or hormones, we haven’t added much at all, because we wanted to make it personal as much as possible.

Creative Ways to Customize Categories

Let’s say you are a runner, and you want to track how far you go relative to how much pain you have in your shins. While this isn’t much of a mysterious illness, Root Cause Tracker can help you figure this out.

Now even though the Item Running or Jogging is already listed under Cardiovascular Exercise, this doesn’t really suit your situation.

In this case, you’d want to go into New Category, click the Add button, select Cardiovascular Exercise as the Parent Category, and then enter Running as a Sub-category.

OR you can actually add Running as a main Category and add different types of running Sub-categories under it, like long distance, sprinting, intervals, track, road, etc.

Category Image

When you add a new main level Category, the system lets you choose a Category Image to represent your new Category rather than the default X. There are several ways to do this:

• You can Take a Photo, or Choose from the Library.

• To Choose from the Library, you have to be able to have the image in your camera’s photo library.

You can go to your App Store or Play Store and find one or more Icon apps and use your desired image in a text you send yourself in order to Save Image and upload it, or literally use pretty much any image you can access from your photo’s library.

• You can also go to www.flaticon.com on your phone, tablet or computer, register and then find an image/icon that you like. Follow the directions and download the image to your phone’s library and you’ll all set to upload the icon as your new Category image!

NOTE: if you want to make the icon the same color as the existing app icons, you’ll have to Edit the Icon on the computer using color code (hexcode) #008080.

To customize your actual Items, go to Your Categories, click on your new Category or Sub-categoy, select Running under Exercise or running directly as a full Category and click the big + sign on top.

At this point, you can now really customize it. For example, you could add the following Items to track:

1 mile
2 miles
3 miles

or any other number of ways you break your training down.

Hopefully, you get the idea. You can customize the app ‘til the cows come in and you may have a darned fine time doing it.

Customizing Symptoms

Keeping in mind that the symptom section is only two levels deep…Symptom type, and actual Symptom…customizing this section works pretty much the same way.

If you’re in the Your Symptoms section and you see a Symptom type that works, simply click either the bar or the green arrow and then click the + sign to add your actual Symptom.

If your Symptom doesn’t fit into any of the default Symptom types, just go to New Symptom, click Add on the bottom and add either a new Symptom type and actual Symptom at the same time, or don’t choose anything. Select Symptom and input your new actual Symptom in the Add customer symptom box, and click Create.

Easy peasy!

OK, that should give you some guidance. If you ever have any issues, or you just want to run a ‘how to’ or ‘what do you think about this’ question by us, please send us an email. We’ll get back to you as promptly as we’re humanly able.