Finding the Root Cause of Your Health Issues by Changing One Thing At a Time

You know the scenario…we’ve all done it…even though most of the time I don’t think it’s on purpose.

You don’t feel well and you haven’t felt well for some time…maybe a week, maybe a few months, or like me and millions of others, a few years.

So much of it is trial and error, even IF you have a doctor or six trying to help you figure out what’s causing your symptoms. Many people are misdiagnosed with a condition or disorder or disease. Quite honestly, I don’t believe in any of this labeling…it is my strong belief that bodies don’t go haywire for no reason. SOMEthing causes them to react (i.e., have symptoms) and it’s our job to figure out what’s causing it.

Do As I Say, NOT As I Do!

Here’s what often happens with me, and how not to follow in my footsteps.

Over time, I’ll get an inkling of something I’m doing, eating, etc. that may be causing this or that symptom. I’ll spend hours over the course of a week or so thinking about possibilities. Drives me nuts…or so it feels. We all tend to have this same circle of thoughts that leads us to the same conclusions. It’s just human to do this I’ve discovered.

Is it the avocado? Is it that exercise I do in yoga sometimes? Are my hormones still not balanced? You know the mental drill. It’s exhausting…

We try to think through things, and try to remember back a few days or weeks (which is the faulty part and never accurate) and try to link how we’re feeling with something we often do.

Now this really isn’t the part that causes the issues. It’s what we do AFTER we think we’ve come up with an idea…we decide to change it!

HOWEVER, if you’re anything like me and others I’ve talked to, you end up changing more than one thing at a time and then you have no idea, again like me, what the heck helped (or didn’t help as is often the case).

I rarely do this on purpose. It just sort of happens. It will be my progesterone cycle which generally doesn’t make me feel my best and then I’ll buy a new supplement or run out of a certain food or add a certain food that sounds good.

All of a sudden, I feel better (or heaven forbid worse) and I can’t begin to be sure…really sure…what I changed that caused the shift in my symptoms.

Does this sound familiar? If so, there’s only one thing to do…


one thing at a timeYup, you read that right. We have to learn to change/modify/alter/remove/add one thing at a time to what we’re doing so we can get a clue what’s helping and what’s not.

And yes, this is often much more challenging that it sounds. So, here are some steps you can take to help you with the ‘one thing at a time’ change system.

If you have other strategies you use, please send them to me at or simply post them below in the comments section. I promise you others will be grateful you did.

Step One:

Do a quick little reflection over the past few months (or longer depending on how long you have been struggling with your health) and ask yourself how often you alter or modify your life so see if something makes you feel worse or better.

Now, ask yourself how often you’ve changed more than one thing at a time.

As I mentioned above, I am so guilty of altering numerous things at once…usually three…but I don’t do it intentionally. It just happens.

Step Two:

Make a list of the many things that you think might be causing you to feel sick. List everything you can think of:

Moon cycles
People (yes, people)
EMF/smart meters/cell phones
And anything else you can think of

Step Three:

Make a commitment to only alter one thing at a time from now on. You might want to write it in your journal if you have one as a reminder. Heck, write it on a piece of paper and take it to several walls in your home…whatever you have to do to stopping changing more than one thing at a time. Remember, the key is to find out what’s making you sick.

Step Four:

Now…pick ONE thing to change. Just one. And then give it a few weeks to see what happens.

You might not think it should or would take a few weeks to see if adding or subtracting something from your life make a difference but the affect things make on our bodies can often be cumulative.

Take hormones for example. Depending on who you talk to, it can take several weeks or months for your body to get used to a new level of hormones. (I’ve personally done this and I can say it takes my body more than a month to adjust to a lower level of hormones while I can feel the affects of a higher level within a couple of days.)

Step Five:

Decide HOW you want to alter the item (increase, decrease, move, change timing, etc.) and how long you will commit to seeing the results of the experiment.

Again, keeping a journal on the things you change really helps. You can log these changes in the Notes section of your Root Cause Tracker app and go back and look at time frames, symptoms after the change, etc. It takes some energy but it’s so worth it when you figure out that peanut butter causes your joints hurt or too little estrogen contributes to more leg cramps. You get the idea…

Step Six:

Alter and wait. Yes, I said wait. The worst thing we can do is change things too often. Also, there’s a huge difference between experiencing an acute reaction to something you try (quick and pronounced and obvious) and a slow adjustment that we feel over time.

If you do alter some aspect of your lifestyle and have an immediate negative reaction, obviously you need to stop what you’re doing.

Waiting is a critical part of discovering the root cause of ill health and sometimes the most challenging part because if you’ve had health challenges for as long as many people have (me since 2006), you have gotten very impatient trying to see what, if anything, helps you feel better.

Step Seven:

While you’re waiting, do some mental and emotional work on yourself. Meditate, visualize yourself well, use my favorite mantra…my body restores itself to its naturally healthy state.

Bottom Line…

Take it slow and easy. Remember that you’re body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing…it’s reacting to something, be it environmental, food, emotional, hormones…it’s trying to tell us that something just isn’t right with our sweet bodies.

It’s OUR job to learn to listen!

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