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My many years on this planet (60 so far) have provided me with a brain and soul full of wisdom in (at least) two areas: creating health and wealth. Since 2006 when I experienced an unexpected bladder infection while traveling and I had forgotten to bring my herbs. I called my nurse practitioner who called in the dreaded and fateful Rx of Cipro. My body hasn’t been the same since but it’s more like it’s old (younger) self than it ever has been since learning everything I have learned since then. 

In addition to figuring out what was causing my health issues, I have learned more than I care to know about how messed up our medical system is and how people are labels and mislabeled with disease names so they can be given drugs to mask symptoms with rarely a conversation about diet, lifestyle, thoughts, etc. 

Before that, I was an aerobics instructor, personal training and manager of a health club where I spent my time lovingly helping others develop skills and strategies for becoming fitter and healthier. I realized back then that we could be sick or healthy in many areas of our lives

In 2002, I took my skills as a fitness and health coach and wandered head-first into the realm of financial education for kids, teens and women. I realized I was still empowering others to being fully responsible for themselves, I was simply doing it in another arena…money management and wealth creation.

Watching kids and teens ‘get it’ in my summer Camp Millionaire programs and watching women make huge strides in their financial goals (including getting out of the holes they had dug for themselves) was just as satisfying as the health coaching and personal training that I had done for years. 

Now I get to do both and you’d be surprised at how often the two subjects…health and wealth…intersect in a person’s life. 

I love what I do. I love watching people get better, learn skills that improve their lives in lots of ways and well, I’d love to help you, too!