Root Cause Tracker Categories

At Root Cause Tracker, we know that it can often be the things you're not thinking about that are causing your health issues. We started you off with the obvious categories like food, exercise and stress level but we've added quite a few not-so-obvious categories that we suggest you really take a look at.

Medical Medium

By Anthony Williams

When I read Medical Medium, it was after I had already listened to several of Anthony’s interviews, mostly on Hay House. He was insightful and his information was different…and I LOVE different.

One of the things he is big on is how the Esptein-Barr virus affects us at various stages of the virus’ life. I immediately had the blood test done and sure enough, I had an active result.

If you’re open-minded to the source of medical and health information, I urge you to give Anthony’s books a read. I know you’ll discover something of value for your health.

Your Are The Placebo

By Dr. Joe Dispenza

This book is one of my all-time favorites. It really shows you how much each of us is susceptible to suggestion and if we’re so susceptible, it really made me think about everything we think, read and hear about everyday. All of Dr. Joe’s books are pretty amazing.

Mind to Matter

By Dawson Church

I have never read one book that touched me as deeply as Dawson’s book, Mind as Matter. I bought it when it came out and devoured it.

The most bizarre part of reading the book is that I found myself smiling the entire time I read it. I couldn’t help it.

Knowing I was that much in charge of feeling great gave me such a renewed sense of hope!

The Biology of Belief

By Bruce H. Lipton

I’m a firm believer in the idea that I am behind much of the physical manifestations I experience. I’m not sure how to think about, handle, deal with, change, etc. those physical symptoms yet but I am learning.

Lipton’s book, like so many others (listed here), do much for putting us back in the driver’s seat in terms of healing ourselves.

Heal Yourself

By Louise Hay

I think Louise Hay, rest her soul, was the most amazing pioneer in the field of mind and body being connected and how to use the symptoms the body gives us to find emotional contributions to our ill-health.

While we really can’t be sure if you can ‘think’ and ‘believe’ our way out of all of our health issues, we owe it to ourselves to take charge of our lives and bodies and do whatever we can to heal ourselves.

Louise Hay gives you the background, the tools and the support to heal yourself from whatever’s ailing you. I loved this book and think you will too!

The Epstein Barr Virus Solution

By Dr. Kasia Kines

The Esptein-Barr Virus Solution substantiates virtually everything that Anthony Williams talks about and explains in his Medical Medium book related to EBV.

I first became aware of Dr. Kines during an interview done by Misty Williams from www.HealingRosie. Misty is the host of and does an amazing job sharing the latest information related to healing ourselves.

If you have health issues you can’t figure out, please get Dr. Kines book. Your sweet body will thank you.